Monday, 14 May 2012


everybody knows what is yoyo right? if you go and search it on google images, these will come out.

" Saya berminat sangat dengan yoyo sejak lahir "-Takeshi
yeahh, look how happy he is, :] playing his yoyo, so cute. haha

 and also you might find this,

This ain't a yoyo, make sure to open your dictionary guys.
yeahh, searching google. how fascinating. mat salleh pon bengong kekadang.

well, that is yoyo and I don't want to talk about that. You know what yoyo is to me?





I am sure you guys has the experience of asking people for help, and the graph goes like this.


okeyy       suruh dia       akutaktahu       ........      mati kau la     *signedout*     tuhan je la tolong

"Man gets and forgets, God gives and forgives"-someguy
people are stingy. humans are kedekut, when they have problems, then only they will come to us. when you have a serious problem, who in the world you think cares? your families have their own problems to take care of. what I'm trying to say is, you are nobody to everybody unless you have somethings that they need that you have. lets say, you got this candy, suddenly everybody is nice to you, when you don't have any? They will search for those who have one. it is a sad truth, but thats how it goes. everybody is chasing their own goods, if you left behind you need to dance on your own steps.

BERGANTUNG KAT ORANG LAIN this is a really dangerous attitude. My brother once told me, if you can stand up by your own feet, do it. never ever ever and forever to hope for people's help. well guys, when you think you're old enough, 18 maybe, dont be frustrated when your own families won't help you. Its natural in this world. Your time will come, just wait and break a leg!

Thursday, 10 May 2012



     "The frustration is a little regular thing". I'm sure you guys experienced that right? Last year or in past few weeks or even now ! Haha yeah, I don't care. I put too much time for this thing and left many suppose to be interesting time in my life. I can't even think about what I missed. Love is sweeet I tell you, but when you spell it backwards it became Evil. I felt pain and its not sweet when she doesn't care. Whatever? Hell no. Haha

C  H  A  N  G  E .
I had put my brain to wrong work for the past years. To comfort my crush and everything. When you felt old, you must got that feeling to fight for your future. I'll try to be the best for my future wife. HAHA , im serious.  

- Yuri Boyka -
  • See that little penguin who kicks everything?
"I'm the most complete fighter in the world" -YuriBoyka

right now to be honest, I'm trying to build some body. wake up in the middle of god lovely late night and do some workouts. upside down push ups, crazyyy duuuuudeee! but I'm hoping for sexy wife, means I have to be sexy too right? Let me fulfill your beauty dream bebehh. a little quote here,

   " FREAKING NEXT! " -cashiergirlwhoisannoyed
                                                                              OTHER THAN THAT, ITS
                               MY SECRETS. 
                                                        INTERESTING RIGHT? HAHA I'M 


Last but not least, I would really love to say this, I will never forget good memories that I had. Although its seems like I am freaking moving on now, you have my word on that. Bye.